1. Can Saavaj Energy pack products under my own label?

Ans- Yes, we can pack for you under your label and offer a variety of packing options – See our packaging options in product categories

2. If I have a problem with products shipped to me, is there any way to trace the source of the problem?

Ans- Every product you buy out of Saavaj Energy passes documented quality checks. When there is a problem, our system is powerful enough to have traceability all the way back to the supplier from whom the products was purchased.

3. How can I be sure the quality standards will be met?

Ans- Saavaj Energy start with a customer sample and with companies who already make the right product or deal with similar products. This alone makes a great difference. The sample and specification become the base for our final deal. Saavaj Energy get the items inspected independently before shipment on customer request, which adds to customer assurance. There is always a risk, but from experience, most issues occur where the specification is either not clear enough, or a client retrospectively introduces a technical or packing detail that they assumed everyone knows. To avoid things, go wrong, customer come to us in order to remove or reduce that risk.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?

Ans- Saavaj Energy is open to deal in any quantity and our company would be happy to serve your esteemed organization at any quantity. Saavaj Energy do not have any boundation related to order quantity.

5. How to track my current shipment?

Ans- Once your order has been dispatched, you will be provided with the shipment tracking with which you can easily track your shipment.